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  • How pets contribute to our Mental Well being
  • How pets contribute to our Mental Well being
  • How pets contribute to our Mental Well being
  • How pets contribute to our Mental Well being

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will no doubt cause disruption to our usual routine and reduce the amount of social contact we have – preventing us from doing some of the things we enjoy which helps protect and maintain our mental wellbeing.

With today, March 20, being International Day of Happiness, we thought we’d highlight the importance that our furry friends play in our lives as well as share some tips on how to keep them happy and stimulated during these uncertain times.

You can’t beat that fuzzy feeling of returning home after a long stressful day to be welcomed by a loving, attentive furry friend. Having a pet is great for our mental health, wellbeing and happiness.

Whether it’s the extra exercise we get from a long walk with the dog, the anti-stress chemicals released by stroking a cat or the entertainment provided by our rabbits - animals help to reduce anxiety, relax and generally just feel good.

However, it’s not just a feeling, it’s supported by scientific evidence. For a long time, researchers have explored how and why our mental wellbeing is improved by having an animal – considering the impact our pets can have during bereavement, for the elderly and even for people who are homeless.

A study carried out by the Mental Health Foundation with Cats Protection is 2011 found that 87% of people who owned a cat felt it had a positive impact on their wellbeing (   

Due to recent events and the possibility that many of us will be in self-isolation, this will no doubt be affecting our mental health as well as that of our pets.  So, how can you provide additional stimulation to four-legged friend at a time when outside access is restricted:

You can exercise with your pet at home.

Why not try setting up agility activities or teaching your dog something new.

Play games with your pet.

Interacting with your dog or cat will help stimulate their mind and also help to strengthen your bond.  Consider something you could throw, drag or swing to get their attention.

Buy new toys and rotate with their existing ones

There are lots of interactive toys available for both cats and dogs which you could buy ahead of isolation – or even order online and have delivered. By rotating the new and old toys you will keep your pet interested in what they’re playing with.

Play hide and seek

Hiding treats and toys around your home will not only provide mental stimulation but also important exercise at a time when outside access is restricted.

Provide access to light and a window

If you have access to a garden, your pet can continue to get fresh air, light and exposure to different sounds and smells. Set-up a space for them by a window so they can watch the world go by.

Play Pup Fiction
Spotify have launched a ‘My Dog’s Favourite Podcast’ – which has up to 5 hours of ‘soothing sounds and friendly chat’ which is an ‘aural treat’ for your dog. Check it out.  

Laparoscopy / key hole surgery

We are currently one of only a few practices in Surrey to offer Laparoscopy and are very excited about the greatly improved scope of surgical procedures it means we can offer and the benefits it brings to your pets.

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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our large specious barn premises featuring our modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

We aim to provide a non-threatening, open plan but homely environment for your pets, combined with the most modern equipment and facilities in general practice.

To reduce stress for your pet in the event they need to be hospitalised we have separate hospital wards on different floors in the Barn.

They are all spacious, light and airy to minimise stress levels.

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  • A lovely experience

    I came to the surgery because my kitten was having her first vaccination. Even though the practice seemed busy, the system was efficient, the staff kind and compassionate. Overall, a really lovely and, more importantly, stress-free experience.

  • My Mylo will be two in October from a puppy I have brought him to you. Always the vets who have treated Mylo have been understanding and kind to him giving accurate treatment for his quick healing. Before Mylo my two cats were treated by you one living to 16 the other 20 excellent compassion when they were put to sleep making that time easier for me to get through. Thank you to the office staff and nurses always welcoming and interact with Mylo. So for me I wouldn’t change anything.

  • Just super lovely staff and very, literally couldn’t be more helpful. My puppy arrived anxious and I was flustered after she had got very upset in the car. The team at the vets, cleaned her up, calmed me down, gave me a puppy pad for the way home, held her while I pad and helped me back to the car with her. The vet was kind, informative, explained things. Such a great experience… I’m so glad I chose you to be my vets.

  • All the staff are so friendly and helpful. You are never rushed and they show how much they all love the animals . Always helpful when you call with a query , no matter how silly you may think your questions is. Will always fit you in when it’s urgent or even when you just think it may be! Wouldn’t use any other practice 😊

  • We always feel welcomed and I really appreciate all the time the vets take to get to know the pet. I always feel reassured when I leave. Thank you 🤗

  • Myself and my dog were both very anxious, but the staff were so lovely and made me feel like it was all ok. Very reassuring.

  • Very lovely and helpful person who answered my call and booked me in. Lovely vet who showed such care towards my dog and explained everything very clearly.

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