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  • Mobile Vet Service

Our vet Giles is starting a Home Visit service with the aim to be the most convenient veterinary service you have ever experienced.

Registration and booking a visit is simple – call us directly on 01483 455 355.


As this is a new service, initially routine appointments will be limited to Monday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings. We may be able to accommodate visits at other times too but this is subject to vet availability so please phone the practice on 01483 455 355 should you require a visit outside of these times.  

Before your mobile vet visit


Before any mobile visit we will require you to register your pet with us if you are not already a client here at Oak Barn Vets. For all new registrations it is standard practice for us to request your pet’s medical records from your previous vets. This allows us to become familiar with past medical issues that could be playing a role in your pet’s current condition and future health.

Parking availability and visitor permits where needed

We kindly request a suitable parking arrangement is organised prior to our visit. If you live in a controlled residential zone (CRZ) we would request a visitor parking permit from you.

On the day of your visit

About your appointment time

Appointments are scheduled for a 2 hour arrival time e.g. a 10am appointment refers to an arrival time between 10am and 12 noon. If we will be delayed beyond this (due to traffic congestion, an over-running previous appointment or emergency) we will call or text to notify you asap. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have a mobile phone, please keep it switched on and close by. We will text you with an updated ETA when we are on our way.

If you have a tight schedule and cannot accommodate any delays to your appointment time, please let us know when booking your appointment and we will offer a time slot where we are unlikely to be held up from previous visits or traffic.

Appointment duration will vary according to the complexity of the condition(s) being treated and the number of pets being attended to but are usually approx 20 minutes for initial consultations and 15 minutes for revisit consultations.

Extended consultations, typically 45 minutes long, are often required for second opinions, complex cases, senior pets with multiple conditions and pre-euthanasia assessments.

Make sure you and your pet are ready for our vet to visit

Top tips

If a blood test is required or anticipated, do not feed your pet for 8 hours prior to the visit – we will advise you of this when confirming your appointment. Always leave fresh water freely available.


Please ensure that your cat is confined indoors and easily accessible. If your cat has access to a cat flap and the outdoors, please ensure that it is locked on the day of the visit. Ensure doors and windows too are closed, especially in summer when often left open. Close bedroom doors. Some cats like to hide under beds and they can be difficult to retrieve.

For particularly nervous cats, it is helpful to confine him/her to a single room shortly before the visit arrival time. Select an area in your home where you and your cat will feel at ease. Kitchens and living rooms are usually preferred. Avoid the bedroom (unless your cat cannot get under the bed) and rooms that cannot be closed off or have many hiding places.


Aggressive dogs will need to be kept under control and may need to be muzzled. As long as you can apply a muzzle to your dog, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you are not sure whether you will be able to muzzle your dog, do contact us in advance for further advice. Have your pet’s favourite treats available. They will love a treat after their examination and can come to know that home visits can be pleasant and for many of our canine patients, even fun!

Aggressive cats and dogs

A further note regarding nervous and potentially aggressive cats and dogs. Home visits are often requested for very nervous or potentially aggressive pets. We have many such patients that are successfully and calmly examined in their home. However, some are more defensive and confident in their own environment and pose a challenge to examine and treat. Some of these pets may be mildly sedated to facilitate examination, whilst others are best examined at the surgery.


We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or you may be charged a callout fee. The same applies if you or your pet is not home for your scheduled visit.

Payment policy

Payment is due at the time of visit. Payment options are credit/debit card, cash or cheque.


Due to the nature of a home visiting service, we are unable to guarantee instant emergency assistance. 

Most emergencies are best treated at the surgery equipped with facilities and extra staff. In the event of an emergency, we recommend you call the surgery on 01483 455 355 and we will help and advise you accordingly.

Please be aware the mobile visit fee only applies to appointments booked giving at least 24 hours notice and within one of our mobile vet times. If you require an appointment the same day this will be classed as an emergency visit and will therefore incur an emergency visit fee.