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  • Wellness Centre's first blog!

We keep giving you sneak peaks and hints to our up and coming new Wellness Centre, so we thought it was about time to start sharing some of our physio cases on our blog.

Case one, is something Kerrie was very excited about and is thrilled at how Zin Zan is responding to treatment!

Zin Zan is a 4 year old Male Rhodesian Ridgeback that was referred to Kerrie for physiotherapy for Common Calcaneal Tendon Tendinopathy.

The Common Calcaneal Tendon is commonly known as the Achilles Tendon but is actually made up from 3 distinct structures and not the one that you might think from its name! These are the tendons of the Gastrocnemius muscle, superficial digital flexor muscle and the common tendons of the biceps femoris, gracilis and semitendinosus muscles.

These injuries are commonly graded based on severity, luckily for Zin Zan this is a low grading, but still quite uncomfortable.

Zin Zan presented with a thickening of the common calcaneal tendon as well as not being able to fully weight bear on his right hind limb, he would tentatively toe tap when standing or walking, with most of the weight bearing going onto the left hind.

Treatment for Zin Zan includes laser therapy as well as myofascial release of tension in the associated muscles of the thigh. Zin Zan’s owner also carries out some prescribed exercises at home to help with weight bearing in between sessions.

After the 1st session there was already great improvement with Zin Zan placing more weight through his leg and being able to walk more comfortably. He will continue to undergo treatment for a few more weeks while Kerrie continues to improve function of his leg, ultimately returning him to full physical health.

The happy news today in practice, is that Zin Zan has now been signed off by Kerrie and the Orthopaedic team at his referral centre, after just 4 sessions!  

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