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  • Its Mo-vember but also Diabetes Month!

Unfortunately, like people, pets can develop diabetes (sugar diabetes - full name diabetes mellitus) and the problem is growing.  It is estimated that as many as 1 in 200 pets suffer from this condition.  Like us, it can be associated with getting older (cats and dogs over 6 years of age are most at risk), putting on weight and not being active.  If left untreated, diabetes can cause serious illness in your pet and even premature death.  However thankfully if diagnosed, diabetes is usually relatively easy condition to treat and manage in most dogs and cats.

To improve awareness this month we have a free simple questionaire that can tell you if your pet is at risk.  Karen our qualified Veterinary Nurse is running free Diabetic Clinics if you are concerned.  As an added benefit we are also offering free urine testing which is a very effective screening test for diabeties. Please contact the surgery for a collection pot and questionaire.

For more information or a downloadable questionaire please visit  Appointments for Karen's Diabetes Clinic can be booked by phoning the practice on 01483 455355.  Or visit the surgery and speak to one of us who will be happy to advise you.