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  • Pet Insurance Warning!

We've recently had a case which highlights the importance of reading the small print. Unfortunately a client has recently had her pet insurance invalidated because the pet concerned had lapsed their booster vaccinations.

As a new practice we are trying very hard to keep our database squeaky clean and everyone’s records up to date.  From the clinical histories we have received from former practices there are a few pets that seem to have 'slipped through the net' with their boosters. Often this may be due to old age or an underlying medical condition.We are currently sending out reminder cards to all these clients just to make you aware of the situation.

At Oak Barn Vets we do not 'blanket' vaccinate all our pets but assess them all on a case by case basis to give them the protection that they need for their individual lifestyle.  If you think your pet may be overdue a vaccination it's worthwhile contacting us at the surgery and we can advise you what they potentially need.  Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01483 455355.