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  • New Puppy Advice!

It’s that fantastic time of year when there are lots of new puppies about. If you are considering buying a puppy here are some top tips to consider.
Once you have made the decision we have free puppy packs at the practice with lots of helpful advice about settling your new arrival in. It is a really good idea to have your pup examined by Louise within the first couple of days of arriving, regardless of if a vaccination is due. This is a complimentary examination which gives the pup time to meet us without experiencing an injection and can highlight any potential problems that the breeder might not have necessarily noticed beforehand.

Oak Barn Vets Top 10 Tips for Buying a Puppy

1. Look for a Kennel Club Assured Breeder or one recommended by your local veterinary practice. Avoid puppies advertised on the internet, in free newspapers, via pet shops or anywhere offering delivery.

2. Be wary if a breeder offers from a choice of breeds or if puppies are being sold via a boarding kennels. Also not all “rescue” dogs are truly rescued so only look to re-home through registered charities such as the Dogs Trust, RSPCA or Blue Cross.

3. Do not accept delivery of a puppy when offered or collect at a meeting place, you should always be able to see them in their home environment.

4. Always as to see the puppy with the mother and ensure they are interacting normally together.

5. Be suspicious if the seller is unable or unwilling to answer your questions or give advice about the puppy, and if they are unconcerned regarding your experience and knowledge of dog ownership.

6. You should not feel pressured to buy the puppy; this suggests an irresponsible breeder or seller without the puppy or puppy’s mother’s best interests at heart.

7. Responsible breeders should always offer a returns policy and should be happy to accept the puppy back after a veterinary examination (or at any time in its life) if problems are found or things don’t work out.

8. Carefully examine any paperwork and question the breeder regarding vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and micro chipping.

9. Avoid puppies that look dirty, poorly housed, ill or in poor condition even if you feel sorry for them and feel the need to rescue them.

10. Go with your gut instinct: if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Follow your head not your heart. If you buy a farmed puppy there will now have to be at least another one bred to replace it.

If you are suspicious about the origin of any puppies you come across then contact the local authorities. Oak Barn Vets are always happy to advise you about buying a new puppy – well-bred puppies from loving homes often cost more because they are worth it!