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  • Seasonal Canine Illness

You may hear over the next couple of weeks some worrying news about an emerging life threatening illness affecting dogs called Seasonal Canine Illness.  Thankfully no cases have been diagnosed in Surrey but we are being very vigilant.

It is a condition causing vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy and seems to affect any dog of any age or breed.  The Animal Health Trust (AHT) has recently filmed a feature for the BBC's Countryfile programme on seasonal canine illness (SCI). The programme will air at 18:40 on Sunday 21 October.  There is also a video on You Tube

So far 60 cases have been confirmed this year. This is a seasonal problem with all cases occurring between the months of August and November - as yet we do not know exactly what causes this infection but samples are being constantly analysed and research is a top priority at the AHT.  It is thought that the disease may be due to toxins found naturally occurring in plants, fungi and algae blooms in woodland areas but as yet we don't know what.

Thankfully thus far SCI has not been diagnosed in the Surrey area but we are being very vigilant in our monitoring.  If you are at all worried about your pet it is best to contact the surgery for advice.

So far the areas with confirmed cases have been found in dogs walking at the Sandringham Estate (Norfolk), Thetford Forest (Norfolk), Clumber Park(Nottinghamshire), Sherwood Forest (Nottinghamshire) and Rendlesham Forest (Norfolk).

For further information the Animal Health Trust has a good website or as always any concerns or questions can always be answered by one of us at the practice.