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  • Case of the Month - March 2013

It's March's Case of the Month already!  To make a change we thought we would show you how a routine operation is performed at the surgery rather than one of the 'ill' cases!  This month you will follow Lexie and her day at Oak Barn Vets undergoing a Lap Spay.

Lap Spay PDFEveryone has been showing a huge interest in the Keyhole Spays that we have started doing so that seemed like a good case to follow.  By clicking on the PDF icon you will see a photo diary following Lexie and her day at Oak Barn Vets undergoing a Lap Spay. Please note this diary contains photographs of surgery so if you are squeamish it's probably not a good idea!  However as you will see from the photos it is a relatively blood free surgery from start to finish with the tinyiest of holes!

Huge thanks to Leon - our computer guru for helping me get the diary uploaded - a real struggle and the reason why this months 'homework' was late!  Also to Lexie and her mum, Corrine for allowing me to take the photographs!  If you have an old computer (like me!) you might find it takes a few minutes for the diary to download but bear with it - I hope you find it worth the wait!

If you have any questons about Lap Spays or other types of keyhole surgery that can be performed please contact the surgery.  This technique is fantastic for performing a type of operation on giant breed dogs called a gastropexy thus eliminating the risk of bloat and a twisted stomach.  Equally biopsies and exploratory laparotomies can be performed with minimal invasion and maximum comfort!