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  • Laparoscopy (Key Hole Surgery) Comes to Oak Barn Vets!

We are very excited to announce that we are now able to offer key hole surgery to our patients!

Key hole surgery refers to surgery performed through very small incisions, usually 1 cm long, using a camera system called a Laparoscope to see inside the body and perform the surgery.  Through these tiny holes we can see all of the internal organs often more clearly than with conventional surgery.  By introducing forceps and other instruments through these small incisions we can perform many proceedures with reduced handling of tissues and thus less pain to our pets.

Recent studies have shown that laparoscopic bitch spays (neuterings) are 65% less painful and allow most girls after their spays to be back in normal exercise after only 48 hours.  No buster collars and no skin sutures required!

For more information there is a downloadable leaflet that can be found underneath the social sharing section at the bottom of the page.  This will also give you an idea of costs depending on the size of your pet but we are more than happy to advise you further with a quote if you contact us directly.

If you are not registered at Oak Barn Vets but are keen on laparascopic spays or other proceedures such as minimally-invasive liver biopsies, exploratory laparotomies etc we can still see  your pet if your Vet fills in a referral form.  These forms can be downloaded from the bottom of the page too.  Once we have received your forms we will contact you directly to arrange a suitable date.  Your Vet will recieve a full report and post operative instructions and can resume all your pets aftercare once they come home.

Only a few Veterinary Practices have the equipment or the experience to be able to offer this operation but the benefits are huge.  Andrew (Louise's husband) has been performing Laparoscopy for the last 3 years at Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital in Worthing where the proceedure is proving amazingly popular.