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  • Emergencies.

With all this hot weather we have seen a few emergencies recently.  Thankfully all have done well but it's always nice to know what to do for the best if you are ever unfortunate enough to have a sudden issue with your pet.

At Oak Barn Vets we offer 24/7 cover throughout the year.  For peace of mind when we are closed there is always a vet available for free advice.  Throughout normal working hours we are always available on the usual practice number 01483 455355.  Out of hours at night, weekends or bank holidays either phone our usual number and follow instructions on the answerphone or phone Vets Now on 01483 346203.

Vets Now are a specialist A&E facility where all their vets and nurses are specially trained in dealing with emergencies.  They are always available for free advice over the phone and will be able to advise you if your pet's problem needs urgent attention.

Below is a very helpful crib sheet with advice on how to make your pet comfortable whilst you seek veterinary advice for the top 10 emergencies that we generally see.  This can be downloaded at the bottom of the article under Download Attachments just below the social sharing icons.

Hopefully with all the information to hand you will never need to use it!