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  • We survived!

This Saturday was the Guildford Lions Charity Raft Race along the River Wey - despite an unscheduled swim we made it!

The weather was amazing - with the sun shining we set off from Millmead (behind Debenhams) and then paddled our way through Guildford, under the A3 and after a 2km paddle we were very grateful to see the finish!

As we battled our way, not only did we have to contend with our raft taking on you can see in the pictures, but there was a fair bit of splashing and water bombs from the bank to cope with too!

Much to our surprise we didn't come last, managed to overtake the police (with their raft Hot Fuzz!) and won a cup!  Our trophy was for "exceptional effort and determination"!!! Think that says it all really :-)

Our capsize was under a bridge so there's no photographic evidence!  Although you can tell we had a mishap as our snazzy palm trees/umbrellas had to be removed after our swim just before the finish!

Huge thanks to everyone who gave us support - best of all we raised a whopping £250 through our Just Giving page for the Guildford Lions.  All of this money will go to lots of local charities and plans are afoot for next years raft already!  Photos below in the gallery for a giggle!