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  • Alabama Rot/Seasonal Canine Illness Update

Sadly there has been a case of Seasonal Canine Illness confirmed today in Surrey.

The dog concerned over the last week has been walked in the Mackies Hill/Hurtwood area leading towards Holmbury Hill.  On two occaasions he has also walked from Shere across to Edgerley Park in Farley Green, down to Brook, upto Blackheath and back across the cricket pitch, over Albury Heath and back to Shere via Pond Lane.

He is currently recieving treatment at Anderson Moores in Hampshire who you will have seen mentioned in my previous blogs regarding Alabama Rot.

Please check your dogs carefully for any unusual skin wounds - they can resemble ulcers and are typically found on the limbs or face region.  Vomiting, diarrohea and inappetance are also signs.  If you are at all concerned we would recommend that a thorough veterinary examination and blood sample to assess renal function straight away - prompt treatment gives a much better chance of recovery.

Thankfully this condition is still incredibly rare with this only the second confirmed case in Surrey but we do need to be extremely vigilant.  There have been more cases in the New Forest, Norfolk and Nottingham Forest region.

We will keep you updated if there are any breakthroughs with the diagnosis and treatment of this case but for further information have a look at Anderson Moores website - they are a specialist hospital and are running studies to try and work out what exactly is causing this disease and thus hopefully a prevention plan and a cure.