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  • Amazing Vet is Supporting Endangered Animals

Lisa Milella is a dental specialist veterinary surgeon that has looked after some of our patients at the Barn over the years.  Then she learnt the tragic news last August that she was suffering from Motor Neurone disease.  Most of us at that point would have fallen apart at the seams but Lisa immediately drew up a bucket list of endangered species she wanted to help whilst she still could.

She has already travelled round the world giving life saving dental treatment to a wide range of endangered species from dancing bears to slow lorises.

Have a read further here to see the amazing things she has been doing which has made headlines in the press.  If you would like to help donate to such an fantastic cause then please look at her Just Giving page.  Her initial aim for bucket list wish number 10 was to have 10 strangers help her to help these endangered animals - might that be you!