• Christmas Drawing Competition is Back!

Last year you may remember we had a drawing competition and we had such a fantastic number of entries so we thought we would hold it again!

We are given so many fantastic drawings of pets here at the practice we thought it would be great if we could give all those budding artists out there a little competition to have their own calendar made!

If you are aged upto 12 years old and would like to enter our Christmas Drawing Competition please download the attachment at the bottom of the page - you can find it just underneath the Facebook/Social Sharing line. Entry is open to all and the proud winner will recieve a 2015 calendar of their entry and a £30 Vaccine Voucher and VIP (Very Important Pet) membership for the whole year. For further details contact the practice on 01483 455355 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  If you can't download a form  then by all means pop into the practice - we've got lots of copies here!

Please be sure to have your entry back to us by the  20th December and we will have the results out by Christmas Eve! Good luck!