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  • Acute Kidney Injury/Alabama Rot Update

We've had an update from Anderson Moores who are the specialist centre investigating over the last two years cases of Acute Kidney Injury in dogs - otherwise known as Alabama Rot in the press.



We would like to remind you that we are entering the time of year when cases of cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV or 'Alabama rot') have presented. Affected dogs typically present with a lesion(s) on the distal limb although lesions have also been seen on the face and ventrum. The skin lesions may initially appear as superficial erosions and may progress to full thickness ulceration. Initially you may just notice your dog licking at their foot or leg and it may not be clear what the problem is underneath the fur. Lesion size has ranged from 0.5 to 5cm in diameter. There is no apparent breed, age or sex predilection. Forty five dogs have been histopathologically confirmed to have been suffering from CRGV in the UK over the past two years. Cases have been identified across the whole of the UK and some dogs have survived.

At initial presentation with a skin lesion(s) dogs are typically otherwise asymptomatic (feeling well), but over the subsequent one to nine days they develop clinical signs referable to acute kidney injury (AKI). This may include being very thirsty, depressed, off their food or vomiting. Some patients will present with skin lesions and AKI concurrently and rarely dogs present with AKI prior to the development of skin lesions.

Your veterinary surgeon may decide to take blood and urine to test and monitor for the development of this disease. Blood results will reveal azotaemia and possibly thrombocytopaenia, mild anaemia and hyperbilirubinaemia. Urinalysis will reveal dilute urine and possibly glucosuria and casts.

If you are a dog owner and are concerned about your pet, please speak to your local vet in the first instance who would be welcome to contact us. We are collating national data on all possible cases and continue to work with National Authorities. We can provide histopathology free of charge on suspected cases.

They have also produced a helpful information sheet for owners regarding AKI which you can download below in the downloads section.

As always if you are not sure and have any concerns about your pet we are always available for advice on 01483 455355 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will keep you updated on any new information on this condition but in the meantime please exercise your dogs as normal.