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  • Gold Standard Cat Care at Oak Barn Vets!

What a nice surprise on a wet Monday morning!  We recieved a certificate in the post today and are thrilled to let you all know that we have achieved the highest status awarded for Veterinary cat care!

It's official, Oak Barn Vets is one of the friendliest cat practices around!

The International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM) have assessed the Barn, our lovely cattery area, all our modern technology and the skills that we posess and have given us a very large thumbs up!

The ISFM created the Cat Friendly Clinic programme in a worldwide attempt to help create more feline friendly veterinary clinics.  We all know taking your cat to the vets can be a stressful experience for everyone concerned.  Our dogs are a bit more bribable on the food front and our cats essentially are a little more suspicious!

For more information on the great work the ISFM does for feline care have a look at this link here

Being only one of five practices in Surrey achieving a Gold Award you can imagine we are pretty chuffed!