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  • Alabama Rot Update

Many of you who follow this blog will have read before about a condition called Alabama Rot that affects dogs otherwise known as Idiopathic Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy or CRGV for short. Please read on for an update on this condition.

At present there is an unconfirmed suspected case in Reigate. We have had no known cases reported in this area but will keep you abreast of any breaking news.

CRGV is a disease that was first reported in the USA back in the 1980’s. Since November 2012 there have been sporadic cases reported in the UK. There is no apparent pattern to which dogs may be affected with all dogs of all ages, sex and breeds having reported cases.

Initially affected dogs develop lesions on their lower limbs, these can look like ulcers or scabby areas. Within 1 to 9 days after developing these lesions, they then start to show signs of acute kidney injury with increased drinking, inappetance and vomit being the main presenting signs.

Blood and urine testing will quickly indicate if your dog has a problem and cases caught early are making a recovery.

It is important to note that many dogs at this time of year will experience leg injuries and scrapes and do not go on to develop CRGV. Equally some dogs can develop renal failure that has nothing to do with this syndrome.

Out of the 8 million dogs in the UK only a tiny proportion of cases have been seen.

We are working closely with the specialist centre Anderson Moores based in Winchester who are at the forefront of investigating the cause of this disease and will update you via our blog of any breakthroughs.

Please follow this link for a useful download that Anderson Moores produce. As always if you are at all concerned about your dog please do contact the surgery straight away, we are always here to help.