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  • Changes are afoot in the Pet Insurance Industry.

Many of you will have enjoyed the benefits of having health insurance for your pets. It is worthwhile noting that some recent changes are underway regarding insurance cover for specialist referral treatments.

Although we are able to offer a wide range of diagnostic, medical and surgical treatments at Oak Barn Vets occasionally we may need to seek the help of specialist referral centres.

As is the case for many human private medical insurance policies, the underwriters for some of the Veterinary cover providers have introduced a “preferred referral network”. This determines at which referral centres treatment costs will be covered in full. Referral to other centres will likely incur an additional financial cost on top of any excess.  This is a very similar process some of you may be aware of if you crash your car, the insurance company tells you which garage to take it for repair.

If your pet’s current policy is likely to be affected by this change then your insurance provider should contact you to advise you of this when the policy is started or renewed.

If you are considering starting an insurance policy for your pet or are changing an existing policy we would always advise that you read the small print thoroughly.

When arranging a referral for your pet to a specialist centre our priority will always be in the best interests of your pet.

It is always worthwhile contacting your insurance provider in advance and if you have any preference then please discuss this with us as early as possible.

For more information on this please look at The Pet Insurance Guide which is an independent website that offers unbiased advice on pet insurance.  The British Veterinary Association and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association have also responded to these changes with a helpful article.