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  • Dog Treat Scare

We have recieved a warning from the Animal Health Trust regarding multiple cases of dogs developing high glucose levels in their urine (known as Fanconi-like syndrome)

It appears these dogs are suffering from damage to their kidneys from eating jerky type dog treats (chicken and duck mainly) that have come from China.  These cheap imports contain glycerin, a similar chemical is found in antifreeze.  Glycerin works as a preservative but can cause permanent kidney damage.

The Thrive treats that we sell at the Barn do not contain glycerin.  They are dried natrually and there have been no cases of Fanconi-like syndrome in dogs that have only eaten these treats.

If you are unsure what your jerky treat contains from reading the package (it's not always clear) then have a look at the product itself.  The dried meat should be brittle and hard.  If it is bendy or worse slighlty moist and slimey then it most likely contains glycerin and should not be fed.

To read the full article follow this link here if your dog is showing an increased thirst and urination we would recommend stopping all treats straight away and contacting your veterinary surgeon.