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  • Update on changes to pet insurance.

Many of you will have read our blog before Christmas when we first heard of a major change in the way that RSA will insure your pets.

Essentially Royal Sun & Alliance are the underwriters to a large proportion of pet insurance policies, these include Tescos, MoreTh>n and other companies.  They have changed the policy wording on all new and renewed policies to now include a 'preferred referral network'.  If your pet sees another specialist not on the list you are likely to incur a financial penalty (currently £200).

Most referral practices that we would send your pets to are not included in this list.  Vet Referral Facilities that have not chosen to enter into an agreement with RSA include North Downs Specialist Referrals, Anderson Moores, Cave Veterinary Specialists, Davies, DWR, Fitzpatrick Referrals and others.

These referral practices have released a Statement and a Pet Insurance Facts and Queries Sheet that can be found at the bottom of this page underneath the social sharing line.

If you are concerned that we should have the freedom to choose which specialist is best for your pet and their condition rather than your insurance company and wish to join a petition then please follow this link here

In the meantime if you are considering starting an insurance policy for your pet or are changing an existing policy we would always advise that you read the small print thoroughly.

As always at the Barn when arranging a referral for your pet to a specialist centre our priority will always be in the best interests of your pet.