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  • Think about your pets in this heatwave!

So we all love the sunshine and the warmer weather but without wanting to sound like a broken record please do think about your pets and their needs when it is hot.

Imagine wrapping yourself in clingfilm and then covering yourself in a heavy fur coat. This is what it is like for our pets when the weather is warm. They cannot sweat like we do and to lose heat they have to pant continously to try and cool down.

Walking your dog in the heat of the day is a bad idea - especially the elderly who often have an inherent weakness in their larynx (Laryngeal Neuropathy) or breeds that have a short nose such as Pugs. These dogs run a very real risk of heat exhaustion which can ultimately be fatal.

Cats equally dehydrate quickly - they are generally prone to not drinking enough and if they are already struggling with kidney issues this can tip them over the edge. Feeding wet food, using water fountains or even adding small amounts of water to foods can all help.

Equally our rabbits and other small furry friends can struggle. The biggest problem we see is that they are not cleaned out regularly enough (twice daily if there is a heatwave) and flies are attracted to their droppings. If they are unable to clean properly these flys will lay eggs in their fur and on hatching maggots can lead to a life threatening condition called Fly Strike.

If your rabbit does struggle to clean then please talk to us about fly repellants as even the religious hutch cleaners can still experience flies. We have some fantastic products that can repel flys for upto 10 weeks at a time.

Lastly without wanting to sound like a broken record please never leave your pets in the car!  Every year pets die from heat exhaustion very quickly - to highlight how quickly this happens have a look at Dr Ernie Ward and his you tube video 'Vets Die in Hot Cars'