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  • Oak Barn Oldies

We've all heard the new radio adverts by the NHS for wellness testing for the 40 to 72 year olds of us out there but did you know that we are starting a similar club for our Oak Barn Oldies?

Pick up a magazine or daily newspaper and somewhere within it will be an article about how we are living longer and fitter lives but did you know so are our pets. We are bombarded with healthy lifestyle tips, super food diets and cheap gym memberships but what happens for our pets? Why are they living longer??

Preventative healthcare clinics have been recognised as one of the main contributors to this latest finding. Owners are educated to pick up on early signs of disease so that they can intervene sooner and hopefully extend the life of their pet. Pet owners often see the veterinary surgery as somewhere they come to when there animal is sick HOWEVER it is somewhere they can come to learn and gain advice on providing their pet with a healthy happy life. Veterinary nurses study hard to achieve their qualification and many will continue with extra curriculum study. This enables them to offer a complete healthcare service from advising you on your new puppy to caring for you elderly arthritic dog. They will try and answer all your questions and if unsure at any stage they will consult with a veterinary surgeon.
So what can we at Oak Barn offer you …..

  • New puppy/kitten advice clinics
  • Adolescent advice clinics
  • Overweight pet advice clinics
  • Senior wellness pet advice clinics
  • Diabetic advice clinics
  • Arthritis advice clinics
  • Renal Disease advice clinics
  • Feline behaviour advice clinics
  • General feeding advice clinics

So if you feel that you would like to be seen by one of our nurses then please call to arrange an appointment!

Have you seen our brand new Wellness Centre website? We offer a range of services including Hydrotherapy, K-Laser and Physiotherapy learn more today