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  • Never give up hope!  The importance of microchipping.

For those of you who follow us on Facebook you would have seen the fantastic news yesterday! Finn has been found - have a read of his amazing story and the importance of microchipping your pets.

Finn is a very handsome 2 and a half year old neutered male Saluki Cross Lurcher.  He tragically went missing from home back in March this year.  Despite his owners heroic efforts over the following weeks scouring the countryside there was no sign of him.

However dogs do not just vanish and thankfully Finbar had been microchipped.   A whole six months later his owners received a phone call from a Veterinary Surgery in Acton, London.  Finn had been found!  He was very thin but unharmed and in good spirits.

glad to be home

We have no idea how he had made it all the way to Acton but being a handsome chap we suspect that he may have been picked up by someone.  Sadly dog thefts are still a very real issue, especially for sporting breeds.  They are often picked up and moved many miles away to avoid local interest.

However despite distances travelled microchips will always work.  So long as the contact details held on the microchip database are correct a missing or stolen pet will always make it home eventually.

If you are not sure that your pet is chipped (all dogs from 2015 must be chipped by law) or what details are on their database entry then please contact the surgery and we can easily check for you.

So for a feel good Friday have a look at Finn's video scampering around at home.  Never give up hope that a missing pet may well still make it home and keep your pets microchipped and their details up to date!

Video Pic