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  • Fireworks are here!

Firework season is here! Although enjoyed by us, our pets often do not feel the same! Here are some top tips in helping your pet through the stresses and strains of firework night.

  1. Close curtains, put on some music or background television noise and try not to react or become stressed yourself as your pet will react to your change in mood.
  2. Create a den or safe place which is well insulated from noise and in a central part of the house. Encourage your pet to spend time there in the run up to November.
  3. Lock cat flaps, ensure you cat is locked in overnight with access to a litter tray.
  4. Ensure outside pets are protected. Move their living accomodation to quiet areas.
  5. Feed a high carbohydrate meal to dogs such as pasta in the early evening as this can help to relax them and make them sleepy.
  6. Use supplements containing tryptophan for at least a week running up to an event as well as pheromone collars or diffusers. Tight fitting wraps such as “thunder shirts” can also have a calming effect on some pets.
  7. If you are concerned that your pet will become unwell or harm themselves as a result of becoming stressed then some medications may be prescribed to reduce levels of anxiety.

Planning ahead is the key so please get in touch well before the first fizz, pop or bang if you need some help or advice.