• Benefits of laparoscopic or ‘keyhole’ spaying

Did you know that Oak Barn Vets offers a laparoscopic option for spaying female dogs as well as the standard spaying option?

Laparoscopic surgery uses a camera and specialised instruments and is becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits listed below. Laparoscopic spaying is performed via keyhole surgery which means the procedure is done by using three small ‘keyhole’ incisions to remove the ovaries. In traditional surgery a large incision is made on the tummy and the uterus and ovaries are removed.

When can my dog be neutered?

Females can be neutered from six months of age; for most breeds, we suggest spaying females before they have had their first season. However in some breeds we will advise waiting longer.
If your dog has already started having seasons, we would need to wait three months after a season before she can safely be spayed. We would also consider your dog’s breed, size, overall behaviour and other risk factors so we can provide the most suitable recommendation.

The advantages of keyhole spaying vs standard spaying:

  • dogs have less pain after the procedure
  • dogs recover faster and have fewer post-operative complications
  • dogs tend to interfere less with their wounds
  • it can be combined with a gastropexy in large dogs to prevent gastric dilation and twisting.

Further information

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and pets can usually go home the same day.
Laparoscopic spaying requires specialist equipment and maintenance, as well as extensive training for veterinary surgeons. Therefore, the cost of this procedure is slightly more expensive than a standard spaying procedure.

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