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Check in

For non-emergency surgery, we admit your pet between 8.30 –9am. We ask you to read and sign a consent form giving us permission to operate on your pet. Your pet will be weighed, and then checked thoroughly by our experienced veterinary team prior to any procedure.

Pre-med and anaesthetic

Then we give an injectable pre-medication to settle your pet,along with both a preventative anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory injection.

Once the pre-med has taken effect we administer the anaesthetic induction agent usually into the vein in the front leg.

Once your pet is asleep an endotracheal tube is placed down the throat to facilitate breathing – the gasses administered are pure oxygen and also an anaesthetic gas to keep your pet asleep. We use state of the art monitoring equipment, and have highly trained nurses to monitor the anaesthetic whilst the vet performs the procedure.

The Operation

The surgical site is clipped and scrubbed with a surgical solution, and the surgery is then performed. Procedures can take anywhere between 15 minutes and 3 hours depending on what level of intervention is necessary — from simple castrations to complex orthopaedic or soft tissue operations.

Waking up and aftercare

Once the surgery is finished we will slowly and carefully allow your pet to wake up from the anaesthesia your pet is continuously monitored until s/he is ready to be returned to their bed.

  • We usually ask you to phone in at around 1-2 o'clock, to see how your pet is getting on and let you know what time s/he should be ready to pick up.
  • We will keep your pet here until we are happy he has recovered fully from his anaesthetic. When you come to collect you pet he will be discharged by one of our vets and/or nurses who will go through all post-operative care and answer any questions you may have.