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  • Your Pet and Diabetes
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Know the facts, reduce the risks

Spotting the signs of diabetes in your pets is crucial as just like us, our pets can suffer from the complex disease, but it isn’t always easily identifiable. You can help your pet by understanding what diabetes is, the causes of it and how to recognise the symptoms.

The Facts

  • Diabetes is a complex disease with a range of indicators that you can look out for
  • Diabetes occurs when our pet is unable to produce enough insulin or their body doesn’t react to insulin properly
  • A lack of or reduced response to insulin means your pet’s body won’t be able to regulate the sugar levels in their blood, leading to some serious side effects

Spotting the signs?

Diabetes can be managed to give your pet a much better quality of life. Below are some of the signs you might want to look out for in your pet, to help you know when to consult your vet to give them the treatment they need:

  • Drinking more often
  • Weeing more than usual
  • Increase or loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy or increased tiredness
  • Breath that is described as ‘sweet smelling’
  • Urinary tract infection

Can diabetes be treated?

It cannot be cured but can be effectively treated with careful management, following the advice of your vet. Any treatment plan will be tailored to address your pet’s specific condition.

Treatment can include:

  • A balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Insulin injections (you will be guided on how to administer these)

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Information leaflet

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