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  • Instructions Prior to Admission
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Food and Water

To ensure a safer anaesthetic your pet needs to be starved for 12 hours prior to surgery. This is to ensure the stomach is empty and there is no risk of regurgitation or inhalation during the anaesthetic or recovery. A small meal should be provided no later than 8pm the evening before.

Water must be provided over night but taken away in the morning before your scheduled appointment. No milk should be given, No treats, No oral medication the morning before surgery unless instructed to by your veterinary surgeon.


Cats are best kept in overnight (with a litter tray) to prevent them going out and disappearing or catching themselves some breakfast!


Should be walked on a lead prior to arriving at the surgery. Please do not take dogs for a lengthy walk through muddy fields before arriving at the surgery. (We like them to stay as clean and dry as possible).


Rabbits are exceptions and should have food and water left available until admission. Please bring a small amount of food with you.